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Bow Products started like all good companies do. Necessity!
Mixed with the creativity, dedication, and passion, and the Bow Brothers (Keith and Ron) are changing the game with their innovative products.

Keith, a fork lift operator, had for years searched for an easier and safer way to transport large, heavy odd shaped loads on his fork truck. Ron, involved in the shoe industry, shared Keith’s passion for fixing things and two brothers share a long history of working together on solutions. Always close, the Bow Brothers often shared dilemmas, ideas and worked on solutions together. And after countless hours of brainstorming, research, trial and error, an unlikely marriage of technology sparked ideas, set off innovate thoughts and ideas, the “I wonder ifs”… and so it began.

A true Win/Win solution.   

As you can imagine, Ron and Keith’s wheels kept turning. And today, the Bow Brothers have added Fork Blocks to transport flat or odd shapes, and also provide custom solutions for companies who have specific shapes they need to transport, protect, separate or support.

Keith and Ron will tell you what all inventors tell you, finding a better way to do something is always gratifying. But for the Bow Brothers, there is nothing like the feeling of improving safety.