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Bow Brothers offers custom solutions to fit your needs in Material Handling during transport such as Forklift handling, dunnage or materials separation. Static applications include storage (dunnage or rack supports), or packaging inserts.   Perfect for unique applications of sensitive materials, unique shapes, vibration dampening, cushioning, or a lightweight yet strong solution is required.  There is no restriction on how small the solution can be. How large, individual pieces have limits.

Application considerations include the need for strong materials that offer cushion, vibration resistance or lightweight, but are strong, durable and hold or recover their shape. All of these specification criteria are available. Bow Brothers will examine the application criteria and offer the best material and shape configuration. EVA materials specification will be determined based on the specification performance criteria, such as the handling application forces, the environment, and the load specs. The shape can be determined and recommended based on analysis of the materials handled, or customers can provide Design Drawings for the solutions needed. Those drawings can be evaluated as well.

Our expertise in the materials will determine the proper solution considering pressures, forces and weight requirements.   Limited color options are also available if desired.

All we ask is that you download and fill out the custom applications form (click here).

Pictures are recommended and drawings if possible.

Harsh environments – liquids, chemicals, heat are definite factors to consider. We will consider those in determining the solution.