About Bow

At Bow Products, we strive to bring our customers creative new tools and a better safer way to get the most out of your work.   Whether its your hobby or your job, our satisfaction comes from your enjoyment of using a Bow Product. With distribution in over 30 countries, Bow Products are gaining acceptance with woodworkers across the globe.

Pure innovation in our woodworking tools didn’t just change the tools, it changed the game.   We introduced EVA to woodworking and it is now recognized across many applications as a preferred material to plastic in working with wood.    We introduced the GuidePRO, a tool unlike any other.  The folks who use a Bandsaw have grown to appreciate not just how uniquely it holds all shapes of wood, but also the tools set up and safety advantages.   Our new XTENDER Fence system is a game change in terms of feed control and safety on saws with small table surfaces. We love woodworking and making our woodworking colleagues safer and there jobs easier.

We are more than woodworking…

Bow Products also serves the WELDING INDUSTRY with another game changer:  Tank Caddy.   Gas cylinder handling and transport needed to solve a nagging source of injuries and damage.  Tank Caddy from Bow Products is a simple yet highly effective tool to handle, lift and transport gas cylinders.   The folks who use them often just smile and say, “why didn’t someone think of that sooner”.

When you think of Bow – Think Game Changing Innovation.   We aren’t interested in developing “me too” tools.

This is what we are about…..  And we are always cooking up more good stuff….

We have another goal, and that is to have fun and love what we do.   We invite you use our tools and be a part of the Bow Experience.