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GuidePRO for band saws offers new capabilities and Safety benefits not previously available. The innovative GuidePRO utilizes a flexible 6″ silicone feather that applies consistent pressure along the vertical edge of the workpiece just before the blade. Ideal for cutting thin strips. Better yet, the flexible feather offers new capabilities for cutting odd shape materials as the feather adjusts to variations in material shape. GuidePRO also functions as a dual side and top hold feather when cutting small pieces. The flexible feather is perfect for resaw applications where consistent material control is essential. GuidePRO adds simplicity and convenience to cutting long boards as it holds material firm as its fed into the blade while you support and feed the board. GuidePRO’s silicone feather is non-marring and acts to dampen vibration for a cleaner cut. GuidePRO sets up in mere seconds. Simply rotate the GuidePRO miter cam in the miter slot, use the comfortable Ergonomic handle to apply desired pressure, and press the lever down. The applied pressure translates to torque on the miter cam which holds the GuidePRO in position. Perhaps the hallmark of Bow innovation is SAFETY. GuidePRO is positioned between your hands and the blade. As GuidePRO holds material firm at the point of cut, your hands are free to feed the wood. As always, finish the cut with the Bow PushPRO Push Stick featuring EVA tips. GuidePRO has a detachable base with imperial and metric scales for use as a measuring and squaring tool when setting the fence. GuidePRO comes with three miter cams to fit the range of tables: 3/4″, 5/8″ and 15mm miter slots. GuidePRO has two “Must Have” accessories: The GuidePRO Extension has a 10″ feather for taller materials, and the GuidePRO Anchor Bar if you want to lock down the GuidePRO in the Miter slot. Anchor Bar is ideal for repetitive cuts, and enables GuidePRO to be used on Table Saws and Routers. GuidePRO is another example of Bow Products revolutionary innovations that deliver new Capability, Better Cuts and Improved Safety. If you want the most capability and safety out of your band saw, GuidePRO is a must have tool.

  • 6” Vertical Silicon feather delivers continuous and consistent pressure along the leading edge of the workpiece for a clean and consistent cut. Flexible feather allows for variation in applied pressure. Perfect for cutting thin strips,
  • Flexible feather accommodates variations in shape and thickness of material and holds firm. Perfect for holding flat or odd shaped material,
  • Silicone feather is non-marring and dampens vibration. Feather applies side and top hold on small pieces,
  • GuidePRO sets up in seconds! Miter Cam pivots in the miter slot to set in position. Simply position the GuidePRO with the feather in front of the blade, apply desired pressure as you push the workpiece as you move the wood forward to within a 1/4” of the blade, and press down the locking lever. Torque on the miter cam holds the GuidePRO in place. Your hands are free to guide the material through the cut,
  • Smart SAFETY advantage. GuidePRO is positioned between your hands and the blade for an added measure of safety,
  • GuidePRO comes with 3 Miter Cams for 15mm, 5/8” and 3/4” miter slots. Sliding base enables fit on any table with a miter slot that ranges from 2” to 8” from the blade,
  • GuidePRO Base is detachable and doubles as a measuring and squaring tool for setting the fence,
  • Comfortable Ergonomic grip,
  • Feather is replaceable if damaged,
  • Works perfectly with fences and resaw guides,
  • GuidePRO accessories help you get the most out of GuidePRO. GuidePRO Extension Kit comes with a 10” feather for taller material. GuidePRO Anchor Bar secures the GuidePRO in a 3/4” miter slot. Ideal for repetitive feeds and to extend the use of the GuidePRO to the Table Saw and Router,
  • SPECIFICATIONS: GuidePRO comes with 3 miter cams for 15mm, 5/8” and 3/4” miter slots to fit most band saws, Sliding base enables fit on any table with a miter slot that ranges from 2” to 8” from the blade; GuidePRO is 7” tall (table surface to top)



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