XT XTENDER PRO Fence (Sizes 35″, 42″)

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Enhance any Table Saw with Greater Capabilities, Feed Control and Safety.

Mounts to the Top of your Biesemeyer Style Fence.

XTP XTENDER PRO Fence Features:

  • Adds 2″ of height to existing Biesemeyer Style Fence face for better control of Tall Material Feeds
  • Includes Multiple T-Slots for Accessories on Front Face, Top and Back.  T-Slots accept 5/16″ and 1/4″ T-Bolts
  • Retains your Existing Fences Measuring Scale,
  • Accommodates Bow FencePRO Featherboard for Vertical Hold Down and Kickback Protection
  • Heavy Duty Durable Aluminum Construction with a Sandblasted Anodized Finish
  • Two Sizes: 35″ and 42″
  • Fast Easy Installation – Two Bolts

What’s Included:

  • Fence Mounting Hardware
  • Self-Tapping Drill Bit


  • Fence extrusions: 2.2″ wide by 2.9″ tall.   (5.59cm x 7.37cm)
  • Available lengths: 35″ and 42″.  (88.9cm and 106.68cm)
  • Heavy Duty Durable Aluminum construction with a beautiful Sandblasted Anodized Finish.   For Perspective:  42″ weighs 6.2 lbs.  (2.8 kg)

XTENDER PRO Fence Accessories

Get Bow Feed Control Accessories to add efficiency and safety to your XTP XTENDER PRO Fence:

  • FencePRO Featherboard (Part # FP4)
  • FeatherPRO Table Saw Featherboard (Part # FP1)
  • PushPRO Push Stick: (Part # PP1) Long Extension; or Mini PushPRO Push Stick (Part # PP2) Short Extension

Ordering & Installation Considerations:

Ensure the XTP Fence fits your Fence. Refer to Fit Diagram Below.

  1. Ensure the XTP Fence mounting area fits within the saddle in the center top of your Fence. The width of the XTP Fence mounting area is 2.1″. The length depends on the size XTP Fence you buy (35″ or 42″). The length of the XTP Fence must also fit within the edges on top of the steel tube. Reference Fit Diagram No. 1 below.
  2. The XTP Fence Face is designed to fit above your Fence face when installed. Ensure your Fence face is no taller than 2.9″ in height. Reference Fit Diagram No. 2 below.
  3. Ensure your Fence face thickness is no more than 0.8″ to allow for XTP Fence to be flush. Reference Fit Diagram No. 3 below.

The XTP Fence has adjustability built into the mounting holes to accommodate slight variations in hole drilling location.

Also refer to the installation video below.

How To Install:

Optimize your XT XTENDER PRO Fence with Bow Safety and Feed Control Accessories:

Bow FencePRO Featherboard

Sold in pairs, attaches to the top T-slot in the XT or XTP XTENDER Fences, providing essential hold-down pressure for feed control and unbeatable anti-kickback protection. With Bow’s patented EVA feather living-hinge design, these featherboards dampen vibration and won’t mar soft wood or harm blades upon accidental contact.

Bow Table FencePRO Featherboards (Single-FP1 or Double/Stackable-FP3)

Elevate safety with Bow Products’ patented EVA featherboards, delivering unmatched feed control and smooth gliding while virtually eliminating kickback through the patented feather living-hinge design. These featherboards mount flat to your table saw surface via your miter slot.

Bow PushPRO Push Stick

Our unique push stick features EVA tips for unmatched safety and vibration dampening cut control. The replaceable and reversible EVA tips come in both short and long sizes.


For Bandsaws.  Add the ultimate resaw guide that firmly holds the workpiece in firm to the fence along the leading edge of the cut.  Sets up fast and accommodates odd shape materials.  Ideal for thin strip cuts.

GuidePro Anchor Bar