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FeatherPRO Featherboard features EVA feathers which have revolutionized Featherboard performance and safety. FeatherPRO is the safest featherboard available. EVA feathers virtually arrest kickback; something you don’t get from plastic feathers. Bow EVA Feathers are made from a unique blend ideal for woodworking and are extremely durable. Feathers are water jet cut for precision. Feathers are Replaceable, Reversible and Interchangeable. FeatherPRO uses our patented AnchorPRO miter hardware that offers fast expansion set up and super strong hold in the miter slot. Also mounts to T Track. Comes with Comfortable Ergonomic Knobs. No other featherboard protects you, your tools and your wood like the FeatherPRO. If you want the ultimate in Safety, Performance and Tool Protection, get FeatherPRO. For use on Table Saws, Routers, Fences and other cutting machines.

  • KICKBACK PREVENTION: FeatherPRO virtually arrests kickback. EVA material combines with our living hinge design to pinch board against the fence and absorb kickback forces. 5x greater kickback resistance versus plastic or wood feathers.
  • ULTIMATE FEED CONTROL: EVA feathers increase the amount of surface contact on the work piece, ensuring a smooth glide and superior infeed control. Substantially reduces wiggle you get with plastic feathers.
  • CLEANEST CUT: EVA Feathers absorb vibration and minimize chatter for a cleaner cut. Feathers are non-marring on even the softest woods.
  • EVA FEATHER FEATURES AND SAFETY: Feathers are reversible, replaceable, and interchangeable. FeatherPRO is versatile in that you can switch out between Standard and UltraFLEX Feathers. Feathers will NOT harm carbide blades or router bits in case of accidental contact. Feathers conform slightly to the wood. EVA will NOT set off Saw Stop. EVA will NOT absorb fluid as it is a closed cell material. EVA will NOT bleed color or shed material.
  • ANCHORPRO HARDWARE: FeatherPRO uses our patented AnchorPRO miter hardware that offers fast expansion and super strong hold in the miter slot. T Bolt is used as the expansion bolt in the miter bar. Use T Bolt for T Track mounts. Comfortable Ergonomic Knobs.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Standard EVA Feathers, Two 6” Travel slots, One 3/4″ AnchorPRO Miter Bar mounts to 3/8″x 3/4″ miter slot, Two Comfortable Ergonomic Knobs, T Track Mount: Two 1 1/2” T Bolts (5/16″-18 thread) fit 1/4″ to 3/4″ T Track, T Bolt Head Dimensions: .090 Thick x .45W x .725L

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“Definitely the best featherboard I’ve used. The replaceable foam fingers are a genius idea. Good stuff guys!”