FencePRO Featherboard

The FencePRO Fence Featherboard is a featherboard specifically designed for use with fences on both router tables and table saws. This featherboard features the same EVA feather technology from the FeatherPRO/FeatherDUO, which has revolutionized featherboard performance and safety.   This allows you to apply downward pressure on cutting pieces, while offering the same benefits as our other featherboards. EVA is a High Density closed cell material that is exceptionally durable and offers benefits you cannot get with plastic or wooden feathers. These benefits include excellent feed control for the cleanest cut, unmatched kickback resistance that is more than 5x any plastic featherboard, and protection against damage to cutting blades or soft woods.

  • Sold 2 Per Package
  • UNMATCHED SAFETY:  Patented hinge feather design absorbs kickback and provides 5x greater resistance against kickback versus plastic or wood feathers.
  • REVOLUTIONARY FEED CONTROL:   Thicker EVA feathers increase the amount of surface contact on the work piece, ensuring a smoother glide and superior infeed control.
  • VIBRATION DAMPENING:   EVA Feathers absorb vibration and minimize chatter for a cleaner cut.  Feathers are non-marring. Feathers will not harm carbide blades or router bits in case accidental contact.
  • VERSATILE – Feathers are reversible, replaceable, and interchangeable.
  • SPECIFICATION:  Sold in a 2 pack with hardware for individual use and stacking. Product is intended for use on Fences with a T Slot for mounting. Ideal for use on Table Saw and Router Fence applications or custom fixtures. Hardware includes two 5/16” 18, 1 1/2” T Bolts and two Bow branded ergonomic knobs for use individually. Also includes one 5/16” 18, 2.1/4” Bolt for stacking. Total slot travel is 4″. From the end of the slot (highest position on the fence) to the tip of the feathers is 1 1/4″.
  • UPC: 853223006423



“Definitely the best featherboard I’ve used. The replaceable foam fingers are a genius idea. Good stuff guys!”