• High Density EVA Tip conforms to the wood and dampens vibration for a cleaner cut versus plastic. EVA tip has slight conformance to wood for better feed control.
  • Non-Marring. EVA tips will not mar even the softest of wood under high tension. Plastic Push Sticks can dent soft woods or compress the surface adversely affecting stain and glue absorption.
  • EVA Tips are Replaceable and Reversable. Should the PushPRO accidentally contact a blade, EVA Tips are replaceable, and the Push Stick is as good as new. Unlike plastic Push Sticks, EVA will not harm carbide tip blades.
  • EVA PROTECTS YOU. Should a plastic Push Stick contact a cutter, the reaction can be violent and dangerous as the blade grips the Push Stick and shred it. PushPRO’s EVA Tips simply cut through. EVA will not set off a Saw Stop.
  • Ergonomic Handle for comfortable feed control.
  • Modular design allows you to adapt a custom handle of your preference.

MINI PushPRO Push Stick

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MINI PushPRO Push Stick offers unprecedented safety improvements and innovative new benefits in a tool category that has lacked innovation for years. Featuring High Density EVA tips, PushPRO improves feed control, protects wood, and protects you and your tools. PushPRO EVA tip is non-marring and dampens vibration for a cleaner cut versus plastic. Unlike plastic push sticks which can present a danger if it accidentally contacts a moving blade, PushPRO’s EVA tip will simply cut through the tip without a violent reaction. EVA tips are replaceable, reversible and will not set off a Saw Stop. EVA material is firm, durable and will not shed, bleed color, or absorb liquid. The MINI PushPRO Push Stick features our shorter handle and is 12.5″ long. If you want a different handle, no problem. PushPRO’ modular design lets you adapt your own custom-made handle. The Performance, Versatility and Safety benefits of PushPRO is unmatched.

UPC: 853223006508