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Finally… a way to Safely Handle, Lift and Transport Welding Gas Cylinders…

  • If your a welder, you know handling a Gas Cylinder is not easy?
  • Have you ever tried to lift a Gas Cylinder into a truck or onto a welding machine?
  • Have you have driven with a Gas Cylinder and felt less than comfortable with how secure it was?

Anyone who has lifted, handled, or transported welding gas cylinders knows how difficult and dangerous it can be.

Tank Caddy from Bow Products is the solution you have always needed.   Tank Caddy’s clever design and use of super light weight yet strong material is the perfect solution.  Lifting, Moving, Transporting and Handling welding Gas Cylinders has just gotten a whole lot Safer and Easier. Tank Caddy multiple benefits and affordable price are the ideal solution.  Buy a set for each, tank.  The store easily on the tank.

Tank Caddy Eliminates the Hassle and Dramatically Improves Safety. 

Whether you’re the SAFETY OFFICER, or your own BOSS, you will want Tank Caddy to Protect You or Your Team!


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Tank Caddy Benefits:

Transport Cylinders Horizontally:  Stabilize and Secure

This is an incredible SAFETY benefit of the Tank Caddy.  The flat side of the Caddy, the open through hole of the handle, and the strong material are features that make it very easy to quickly secure the tank Safely for transport.  Position one Caddy to the front third of the cylinder, the other to back third, lay on the flat side and tie it down.  Feed straps through the handle and secure to anchor points on the vehicle.   This holds the tank securely in place and the flat side of the Tank Caddy secures the cylinder flush to the bed for stability.  Remember to always adhere to  NHTSA transport guidelines.

Transport Cylinders Vertically:  Stabilize and Secure

Certain types of cylinders contain gas that must be transported vertically.  In the same was as transporting horizontally, the Tank Caddy flat edge is used to stabilize and secure the cylinder and the handle provides a securement method the same way in the vertical position.


Moving a Cylinder Across a Floor

Rolling a heavy gas cylinder on the ground tilted vertically is a common way to move a cylinder.   This is not easy because the cylinder is flat, smooth and there is no handle to grip.  Rolling is awkward and if you’re not experienced, there is risk of losing control of the cylinder if you lose your grip, or a rough/uneven surface can jar it from your grip.  Tank Caddy handles give you something to grab should that happen.

Using Tank Caddy for Lifting:

Vertical Cylinder Lift:  This is most common when loading a cylinder onto a welding machine, or in or out of welding carts.  Position Tank Caddy close together, but with its Handles on opposite sides of the tank and just below the midpoint of the center of the tank.  Tank Caddy is rigid yet pliable, so it bends slightly as you lift creating the grip on the cylinder.   Lift with your knees and not your back.  Ideal for lifting onto a welding machine, tank carts or moving the cylinder short distances into tight spots.

Horizontal Cylinder Lift:  This is common when loading vehicles.   Position Tank Caddy Handles just outside shoulder distance apart with the handles on the same side.  Lift with your legs; not your back.   The handles provide a safer way to lift the cylinder as opposed to hugging a slippery cylinder.


Loading/Unloading Cylinders in Your Vehicle

You know how awkward it is to lift a heavy cylinder in and out of a pick up truck or worse yet the trunk of your car.  You have no way to grab the cylinder.   Injures and Damage often happen in this process. Tank Caddy with its handles and protective material make this process much easier and safer.  When putting a cylinder into the bed of a truck with Tank Caddy, position the Caddy’s outside shoulder length on either end of the tank with the handles on the same side of the cylinder.  Lift the tank to the vertical position.  Lean the top Caddy to the edge of the truck bed with the flat side down, and then lift the back Caddy up as you slide the tank forward into the bed.   Makes the lift super easy and safe.  Avoids scratching your vehicle while loading.   When unloading the tank, follow these steps in reverse.   You can imagine how much easier it is to pull the heavy cylinder out of the truck bed versus using your bare hands.   If you are lifting a cylinder into vehicle other that a flat bed, the handles provide a way to do lift and position it safer and easier.

Storage, Separation and Scuffing

The Caddy can stay on the cylinder at all times: During vehicle loading/unloading, vehicle transport, floor transport, on a welding machine or cart, or if you are simply storing a cylinder.   Tank Caddy extends around the circumference of the cylinder and acts as a buffer for protection in all directions.   Should the cylinder fall, Tank Caddy material absorbs impact energy and can help prevent damage and scuffing.   In storage, Tank Caddy lets you secure the tank with straps and hold it firmly to a wall or floor using the Caddy’s flat edge.



Whether your the Safety Officer or Owner of a company, or you are your own boss, Tank Caddy is an economical solution offering a tremendous safety improvement.  Tank Caddy reduces chances of lifting and pinching injuries.  Tank Caddy handles give you something to hold on to while you lift or move a cylinder; versus a “BEAR HUG” where the grip can slip and feet are crushed.  Tank Caddy enables you to lift with your legs versus your back.  No more pinching your fingers when using the Tank Caddy Handle versus you bare hands.  Tank Caddy eliminates risky transport by securing and stabilizing cylinders in vehicles.  Never before has this valuable of a solution been available at such an affordable price.

SPECIFICATIONS:    Fits 7″ to 7.5″ diameter tanks.  Tank Caddy is sold in a set ($59 price includes two Caddy’s).   Each Caddy is 2″ * 11.75 * 10.75″  and Weighs 1/2 lb.

SKU: TC700