Introducing the new GuidePRO bandsaw guide. From the creators of the FeatherPRO. The GuidePRO is an easy-to-install guide that offers users a hands-free solution to getting the best performance from their saw. With three simple steps, the user can gain a smoother infeed, ensure consistent pressure, reduce vibration, and deliver the perfect cut every time.

The new STANDARD for bandsaw cutting. The GuidePRO applies consistent pressure along the leading edge of the workpiece ensuring even contact between the workpiece and saw fence for a truly square cut.



Consistent Pressure Over Leading Edge Of Workpiece

The GuidePRO ensures an even amount of pressure along the leading edge of the workpiece at the cut. This makes for a controlled feed and a truer, cleaner cut.


Flexible Silicone Feather

The GuidePRO feather conforms to variations in shape and thickness of material while dampening vibration and is non marring. Great for thin stock, odd shapes,and tall panels. Works perfect with Resaw Guides. Feather is also easily replaced if damaged. Get the GuidePRO Extension Kit for taller feeds.

Quick & Easy Setup

Insert the miter cam into the miter slot, position material to the blade, apply desired tension, set GuidePRO lock for a hands free cut. Begin feed. (The GuidePRO fits 3/8” x 3/4” Miter Slots, and works with Miter Slots that range from 2” to 8” (50mm to 203MM) from the blade.)


Ergonomic Grip

The comfortable formed grip of the GuidePRO allows variable pressure to be applied to your work piece ensuring your consistent cut.

Measuring Tool In Detachable Base

The GuidePRO base is a detachable measuring tool featuring metric and imperial measurement. Perfect for use when squaring and measuring fence setup.

Locking Lever

The easy to reach locking lever engages the cam in the bottom of the GuidePRO. This cam is able to hold your desired pressure, when engaged, ensuring that perfect cut you’ve been looking for.


  • FeatherPro Featherboard

  • Standard Feathers - 2 Pack

    Standard Feathers – 2 Pack

  • Ultralight Feathers - 2 Pack

    UltraFLEX Feathers – 2 Pack